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2015 NOTRA Clubs
Albuquerque Whippet Fanciers Association
Albuquerque, NM
NOTRA REP: Leonore Abordo
Email: leonore@borzoi-oxota.com
Race Secretary: Leonore Abordo
  RMBC updated
Rocky Mountain Borzoi Club
Falcon, CO
NOTRA REP: Tom Golcher
Email: zoiboyz@zoiboyz.com
Race Secretary: Tom Golcher
Web Site: rocky mountain borzoi club
Reata Whippet Racing Group
Riverton, UT
NOTRA REP: William J. "Jack" Lewis
Email: reata@q.com
Race Secretary: Mary Lewis
Web Site: Reata Whippet Racing Group
Rocky Mountain Sporting Whippet
NOTRA REP: Linda Saunders
Email: Linda.Sanders@ucdenver.edu
Race Secretary:
  RCRA updated
River City Racing Association
Oroville, CA
NOTRA REP: Diane Johnson
Email: diane.r.johnson@sbcglobal.net
Race Secretary: Lisa Voss
Email: lisa@basenjinet.net
Northern California Whippet Club
Sonoma, CA
NOTRA REP: Lynne Armstrong
Email: Lynne@cashcreekwhippets.com
Race Secretary: Sue Oace
Web Site: Northern California Whippet Club
Northstate Flyin' Hounds
Redding, CA
NOTRA REP: Genny Holland
Race Secretary: Genny Holland
Email: appaws.holland4@gmail.com
  SCWA updated
Southern California Whippet Assoc.
Orange, CA
NOTRA REP: Kim Otero
Email: kimotero@mac.com
Race Secretary: Kim Otero whippets, Justin Dannenbring OBs
Email: Kim Otero, Justin Dannenbring
Web Site: Southern California Whippet Assoc.
Olympia Racing and Coursing Club
Lacey, WA
NOTRA REP: Laurel Behnke
Email: jamminwhippets@comcast.net
Race Secretary:
  WRAG updated
Whippet Running Activities Group
Goldendale, WA
NOTRA REP: Jo Sowards
Email: shadowrunwhippets@directv.net
Race Secretary:
Web Site: Whippet Running Activities Group
Washington Whippet Racing Club
NOTRA REP: Rinda Clark
Email: WWRC@washingtonwhippetracingclub.com
Race Secretary:
Western Washington Whippet Association
Lake Tapps, WA
NOTRA REP: Kerie Swepston
Email: kerie@swepston.us
Race Secretary:
Web Site: Western Washington Whippet Association
Sighthound Club of British Columbia
Mission, BC Canada
NOTRA REP: Ann Fessenden
Race Secretary:
British Columbia Whippet Racing Club
Mission, BC Canada
NOTRA REP: Gale Lyttle / Catherine O'Brien
Email: galeforce@telus.net
Race Secretary:
Whippet Club of British Columbia
Squamish, BC Canada
NOTRA REP: Carole Adley
Email: cadley@shaw.ca
Race Secretary:
Web Site: Whippet Club of British Columbia
Southern Oregon Racing & Coursing Assoc.
Myrtle Creek, OR
NOTRA REP: Ann Chamberlain
Race Secretary: Ann Chamberlain
Email: mazoerr@gmail.com
  BCOA / BCOSW updated
Basenji Club of America / Basenji Club of Southwestern Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI
Email: 3racedogs@wi.rr.com
Race Secretary: Terry Colbert
Email: terryacolbert@yahoo.com
Web Site: Basenji Club of Southwestern Wisconsin
Indiana Whippet Club
Brownsburg, IN
NOTRA REP: Trent Rees
Email: tallenrees@hotmail.com
Race Secretary:
Circle City Rag Racers
Carthage, IN
NOTRA REP: Jerry Burrus
Email: Bluenote412004@yahoo.com
Race Secretary:
Web Site: Circle City Rag Racers
  GLWRC updated
Great Lakes Whippet Racing Club
Wixom, MI
NOTRA REP: Karen Estis
Race Secretary: Karen Estis
Email: shadowke2@comcast.net
Web Site: Great Lakes Whippet Racing Club
Greater St. Louis Whippet Club
Columbia, IL
NOTRA REP: Sue Weilbacher
Email: racedog@htc.net
Race Secretary:
  NARC updated
Northland Amateur Racing Club
Bloomington, MN
NOTRA REP: Mike Leach
Race Secretary: Mike Leach
Email: mleach@mindspring.com
Web Site: Northland Amateur Racing Club
  SMWC updated
Show Me Whippet Club
Dorsey, IL
NOTRA REP: Mike Slater
Email: mikslater@aol.com
Race Secretary: Kathy Slater Website: (entries) showme.ragracers.com/entries
Tri-State Whippet Assoc.
Louisville, KY
NOTRA REP: Carolyn Perkins
Email: perkicar@aol.com
Race Secretary:
Metropolitan Atlanta Whippet Association
Atlanta, GA
NOTRA REP: Mike Hattery
Email: mhattery@gmail.com
Race Secretary:
Web Site: Metropolitan Atlanta Whippet Association
  SET updated
Sighthounds of East Tennessee
Midway, TN
NOTRA REP: Marc Dailey
Email: marcbdailey@yahoo.com
Race Secretary: Dawn Dailey
Email: dawnmdailey@yahoo.com
  SOL updated
Sighthounds On the Lam
Ridgeway, SC
NOTRA REP: Wanda Bright
Email: w_b0947@yahoo.com
Race Secretary: Joanne Stewart (whippets) and Jennifer Ng (OB)
Email: Joanne Stewart and Jennifer Ng
Web Site: SOL on Facebook
  SOMOS updated
Southern Most Sighthounds
Jacksonville, FL
NOTRA REP: Mike Hattery
Race Secretary: Penny Bolt
Email: penny@greyhoundz.net
Web Site: Southern Most Sighthounds
  SWAG updated
Southern Whippets and Gazehounds
Charlotte, NC
NOTRA REP: Bruce Irvine
Email: bruce@wildtuckproductions.com
Race Secretary: Joanne Stewart
Email: LOWhippets@aol.com
South Central
  GIT updated
Gazehounds In Texas
NOTRA REP: Cindy Sisson
Email: pcsisson@earthlink.net
Race Secretary: Teri Dickinson
Email: dickinsont@mindspring.com
Web Site: Gazehounds in Texas
  POSSE updated
Paris Organization of Sighthounds
Paris, TX
NOTRA REP: Celeste Wilcox
Race Secretary: Celeste Wilcox
Email: ragracers@me.com
Web Site: POSSE Email Group: Yahoo Group
  ORCA updated
Oklahoma Racing and Coursing Association
Vinita, OK
Race Secretary: Terry Colbert
Email: terryacolbert@yahoo.com
Web Site: ORCA on Facebook (closed group)
Central Leatherstocking Area Sighthound Society
NOTRA REP: Denise Como
Email: wolfwindbz@frontiernet.net
Race Secretary:
  COBRA updated
Count Basie Racing Association
Flemington, NJ
NOTRA REP: Jen Price
Race Secretary: Jen Price
Email: mwenjerr@gmail.com
Eastern Whippet Association
Randolph, NJ
NOTRA REP: George Allen
Email: mtfern@verizon.net
Race Secretary:
Jersey Rag Racers Whippet Association
Salisbury, MD
NOTRA REP: Joanne Ronning
Email: jayteawhpt@yahoo.com
Race Secretary:
Web Site: Jersey Rag Racers Whippet Association
  LVCC updated
Lehigh Valley Coursing Club
Phillipsburg, NJ
NOTRA REP: Terri Jones
Email: snoopyrockymom@gmail.com
Race Secretary: Jen Price
Email: mwenjerr@earthlink.net
Web Site: Lehigh Valley Coursing Club
  MAIGC updated
Mid-Atlantic Italian Greyhound Club of Central Maryland
Phillipsburg, NJ
NOTRA REP: Terri Jones
Email: snoopyrockymom@gmail.com
Race Secretary:
New England Whippet Club
Jericho, VT
NOTRA REP: Dale Healy
Email: sithean@comcast.net
Race Secretary: